The Kids Are All Right

directed by Lisa Cholodenko, written by Lisa Cholodenko & Stuart Blumberg

Currently Available on DVD, BLURAY, VOD & AMAZON


A couple, Nic and Jules (Annette Bening and Julianne Moore), live with their teenage children, Joni and Laser (Mia Wasikowska and Josh Hutcherson), in a cozy craftsman bungalow in Los Angeles. As Joni prepares for college, her younger brother pesters her to help him find their biological father (Mark Ruffalo). Against her better judgement, Joni makes a call to the sperm bank. When the bank finds him and he agrees to meet them, a complicated new chapter open up for the entire family.



Four Oscar Nominations, including "Best Picture"


Golden Glob


How 'Kids' Beat Aaron Sorkin at NYFCC Awards


New York Film Critics Circle: Best Actress


Nomination Reaction: Lisa Cholodenko


Box Office Results, July 23-25: $4,963,000


Focus Features pays $4.8 million to
distribute movie

Official Selection: Sundance

Official Selection: Berlin


The Romantics

written & directed by Galt Niederhoffer

CURRENTLY AVAILABLE ON DVD AND VOD the romantics on facebook the romantics on twitter


Seven friends -- all members of a tight, eclectic college clique -- reconvene for a deluxe seaside wedding as two of their own tie the knot. Lila (Anna Paquin) is the golden girl preparing for her dream wedding and Laura (Katie Holmes) is her maid of honor. Best friends and former college roommates, Laura and Lila have one thing standing between them: Lila's groom, Tom (Josh Duhamel), the man they over which they a long-standing rivalry. Promiscuity and hi-jinks abound as the drunken friends frolic in the nearby surf and revel in the nostalgic haze of their glory days.


written & directed by Josh Sternfeld

Currently on Showtime, DVD, and VOD


Small-town detective, Noah Cordin (Nick Stahl), attempts to solve the case of a home burglary turned juvenile homicide in the affluent town of Hillard. The mother of the victim (Laura Benanti) -- on the Board of Commissioners and a powerful woman in Hilliard -- rallies the township together to find the killers.


The burglars leave no leads at the crime scene, except for a tiny scrap of paper that points the investigation in the direction of Caswell, Noah's own hometown. When Noah and county detective, Leslie Spencer (Rachel Nichols), retun to Caswell, Noah is troubled by how economically downtrodden the town has become. As he re-connects with his roots, he enlists the help of two old friends aide in the homicide investigation: Daniel Hartfield (Michael Sirow), a cop in Caswell, and Billy Burns (James McCaffrey), a local bar owner.


As his efforts to extract a suspect are thwarted, tensions between Hilliard and Caswell rise. Hilliard's Board of Commissioners threatens to derail a plan for setting up a new manufacturing plant in Caswell. Threatened by the possibility of losing the new plant's much-needed jobs, Caswell's residents begin their own investigations into finding the killers. As the case comes to a shocking climax, Noah finds his loyalties torn between his past and his present.




Red Flad Releasing Picks Up Meskada for December Release

Official Selection: Sundance

The Elephant Garden

written & directed by Sasie Sealy

2010 Independent Director's Lab Bright Young Talent


Once, there were two sisters, close as close can be: Elisabeth, with long brown hair and 17-years-old limbs, and Chloe, with scabs on her 11-year-old knees. Elisabeth loved and looked after Chloe, and Chloe adored and looked up to her. When Elisabeth falls in love, their intimate world is invaded. The story is told through Chloe's lonely eyes as she struggles to find a way to cope with an unfamiliar world.

Official Selection: Tribeca

National Board of Review


Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You

Director: Roberto Faenza, Writers: Roberto Faenza, Dahlia Heyman

Based on the best selling novel by Peter Cameron the romantics on facebook the romantics on twitter

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A funny, tender, and brilliant film about James Sveck (Toby Regbo), a vulnerable teenager with a deep appreciation for the world and no idea how to live in it. James is the child of divorced parents living in Manhattan (Marcia Gay Harden and Peter Gallagher). While his estranged parents and self-absorbed sister (Deborah Ann Woll) would be better served examining their own lives, they seem more content conspiring to guide him in a more "normal" direction.


James' mother prematurely returns from her honeymoon with compulsive gambler (Stephen Lang), signaling what appears to be her third failed marriage. James' successful lawyer father displays deep-seated insecurities by dating women half his age. On the other hand, James’ sister, Gillian, dates men twice her age in an attempt to stand out amongst an already motley cast of characters.


Unable to relate to his immediate family, James can only confide in others outside of them: in his enigmatic and benevolent grandmother, Nanette (Ellen Burstyn); his athletic and idiosyncratic life coach, Rowena (Lucy Liu); and in John (Gilbert Owuor), the well-groomed and articulate director of his mother’s art gallery. Months before college starts and with all these forces pulling him in divergent directions, this one summer is set to change the course of James’ life forever.



Director: Britt Napier, Writer: Michaelbrent Collings

After a stint in rehab, Michelle (Kaylee Defer) takes a job recommended by her counselor to get her back on her feet. Instead, the "job" traps her in a mansion with three psychotic siblings hell-bent on torturing her and purging her of her sins.



Beauty High: Kaylee Defer in Exclusive Editorial

Hamptons: Reinventing Elisabeth Rohm

Wet Paint: Kaylee Defer Spills Secrets

Billy Bates

Written & Directed by Jennifer DeLia

A story that explores the fiery world of thirty-year old enigmatic artist, Billy Bates. On the one hand, Billy’s reality is a kaleidoscope of artistic beauty; but on the other, it is an extremely troubled existence. As Billy floats the tightrope between brilliance and madness, he seeks solace in Kaia, a beautiful singer who  seems to understand exactly who Billy is. As he struggles to overcome his inner demons, Billy’s hyper-sensitive mind and colorful soul must confront the past abandonment of his nurturing mother and the abuse from his monstrous, envious father.



Anita B.

Directed by Robert Faenza

Immediately after WWII, Anita, a young survivor of Auschwitz, looks at the world with worried eyes. She quickly finds herself involved in an intense and passionate affair that almost shatters her, but eventually gives her the strength to rebel and start a new life.




The Little Fireman

Quincy Perkins

Living in a path of terror in the treacherous Andes Mountains, a band of Peruvian kids risk all to survive




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by Sasie Sealy (screenplay) and Mark Heyman (story)

Freshman Standouts: Mark Heyman

SARAHN_12 begins with a murder - a grisly reality that has left Sarah Nilson bereft and consumed with finding her boyfriend's killer. Two months after his death, the case reached a standstill, and Sarah is methodically searching for any clue that might unlock the stagnant investigation, including the password to his Second Life account. When she cracks the code and discovers that his oline doppelganger was murdered two days before his real murder, Sarah goes deep inside the online world where fantasy mirrors reality and the boundary between the two is sometimes hard to find.

from the director of "Elephant Garden"

from the writer of
"Black Swan"


by DangerBox Entertainment, LLC

Kantaros, a living spacecraft, has traveled for tens of thousands of years, exploring thousands of star systems. Kantaros, barely surviving the effects of a nova, finds refuge among an earth like moon of a gas giant. Once in orbit Kantaros searches for the resources it desperately needs and unintentionally transforms a life-form from the planet into a demigod, while unwillingly losing control of itself in the process.

The series begins as Scott and the passengers of flight 1437 are transported to Kantaros and held captive by the demigod, Caydren. During an attempt to escape, Scott is transformed by an unknown alien device, brought into Kantaros many years before, and becomes the reluctant protector of the Sameer, the Oor, and the Kish. Scott’s only chance for survival and the humans’ sole chance to return home is to ally with theses aliens as their demigod unleashes genocide upon them.

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